We had Lis come to our offices to teach both Meditation & Yoga as part of our wellness program. Her classes were very loved by everyone who attended. She made everyone feel comfortable regardless of their experience level & she has a really nice and approachable teaching manner. We would love to have her back again next time! 
Liz Lassig – HR Advisor, MTV


I've been benefiting from Lis's yoga and meditation classes for over 3 years. I find her guidance and knowledge highly valuable, allowing me to pause in a busy lifestyle and revitalise for the day ahead.
Richard Kovacs – 
Chairman & CEO, Ottomin


Being a corporate facilitator I can appreciate the significance of finding effective techniques to reduce stress and support emotional intelligence. I've gained simple yet powerful skills from Lis's yoga and meditation sessions. I highly recommend her workplace wellness programs as she offers accessible and enjoyable stress management tools.
Molly Roche –
Director of Learning, Human Tribe


Every yoga practice with Lis is unique. She has in uenced my practice on so many levels. I always walk away with something; whether it's a better understanding of myself, of others, a new found strength, asana or a funky transition. Lis is truly inspiring and keeps me coming back to my mat.
Terry Priest – Social Research & Policy


Teachers – and angels – come to us in many guises. In the midst of a chaotic year mine came in the form of Lis Cancio through her four day meditation workshop. If learning the basic tenets of meditation or wanting to simplify and further ground your practice is what you’re after then I couldn’t recommend Lis highly enough. Just being in her company will put you more at peace.
David Leser – Author, Feature Writer; Public Interviewer


I absolutely loved the the course and found the approach to meditation extremely realistic and logical. I found my meditation practise really blossom, even during the first few days. I have to thank Lis for her unique talent and deep knowledge to break down every step of the process so you feel motivated to mediate everyday. Her guidance and support made me feel completely at ease and motivated during and after our sessions. One of my favourite experience was the initiation ceremony which was very powerful and unique.
Wiebke Queisser – Director, Yogatime

I had the pleasure of meeting Lis on her yoga retreat where I discovered a teacher wise beyond her years, patient, caring, empathetic, empowering and with a strong desire to help others. In yoga she found modifications tailored for me despite being in group classes, and her massages demonstrate an intuitive understanding of the body and how to facilitate its healing. As a teacher of Vedic mediation Lis is generous with her knowledge and time demonstrating a true passion to share the techniques and benefits of the practice in a very nurturing manner. I can't recommend Lis highly enough for her gifts of yoga, massage and meditation. Lis is a true healer. 
Katherine C

Meditation for me is like a massage for the mind. The calm and peace I experience for 20 minutes twice a day carries me through the day. I've definitely noticed a change in how I respond to stressful situations since I started meditating 15 months ago. I feel stronger in myself, trust my instincts and generally feel more content. 
Katie P – Massage Therapist

Learning meditation with Lis was an invaluable experience. Lis has a wealth of knowledge and experience which she shares in a way that has made meditation accessible for me. I have tried many styles of meditation before but it has never felt so effortless as this course has allowed it to be, taught by Lis. I would recommend this experience for everyone!
Christiane Swain - Solicitor

I've just spent 3 days with the wonderful Lis Cancio studying Vedic meditation and I'm already feeling more creative, connected and energized. There are so many benefits to a daily meditation practice and Lis's course is a fantastic way to get started. 
Josh Flavell - Cinematographer

I can't recommend Vedic Meditation enough, life is so much richer.
Persia Juliet - Yoga Teacher

Lis personifies everything she teaches, her warmth of heart, consciousness and beautiful spirit. Lis is authentically genuine and I am so grateful to have her as a teacher, offering tools to live my life more peacefully and consciously. Mediation is now a part of my daily life. 
Bianca G – Primary School Teacher

I was incredibly blessed to have Lis as one of my first instructors when I began my yoga journey. Over the many months that I have had the pleasure of practising under Lis's guidance, she has nurtured me from an awkward and fumbling beginner to a much more graceful and confident yogi. Every time I come to the mat with Lis I feel instantly at ease under her soothing and heartfelt instruction, knowing that I will be both challenged and supported through a strong, fun and fluid practice. Her beautiful presence and always creative sequencing brings something intangible to each and every class, continuing to inspire my love for yoga and assisting me to move my body in ways I never thought possible.
Rachel B – Communications

For the last few years I have had the honour of practising yoga from Lis. I am so thankful for her classes because of her genuine understanding of the mind and body, compassion and positive energy. I feel more present and connected to the poses because she guides us through with incredible clarity and skill. When Lis speaks, it's clear she not reading from a book, but teaching from her heart and years of experience.
Elliot M –  Video Editor

I really enjoy my meditation, it helps keep me sane and healthy. I can definitely notice it's relaxing effects on my body, feeling that I can release tension in my muscles quite effectively. 
Christina J – Mum & Web Designer

Lis holds the most wonderful healing space for yoga and meditation. I love the way she articulates her wisdom, she has a unique style that is truly profound! My life immediately took on a lovely energy from her meditation teachings, I'm finally enjoying a meditation style and routine!
Vicki H – Writer

I really love Lis's classes, it is a very welcome oasis in a crazy busy life.
Tiara V – Copywriter / Parent

In the 15 or so years I've been practicing yoga, 4 children later, I think she is a remarkable and unique teacher (especially for her age) I would like to try to go to another one of her classes! 
Vanessa C – Mum