We understand this modern age has both it's perks and pressures. The fast paced, filtered, 24/7 news and emails, if unchecked can make us impatient, reactive and stressed out. At some stage we have to ask if our efficiency is compromising our empathy? 

L - M is a platform designed to train and transform your most precious inner resources, like empathy, attention, posture, breathing. This not only reduces stress, but better equips you to meet the high demands of living with calm, clarity and fortitude.


Our Philosophy

L - M begins within

Humans are inherently born to both love and struggle. L - M help us meet this paradox of life, regardless of age, gender or faith. We believe a regular mindfulness practice not only reduces stress, but also helps us understand and strengthen our inner resources; the body, breath and attention. This means we meet struggles with greater presence, potential and purpose. 


Know thyself

Know your narrative, be aware of repetitive patterns to understand what makes you balanced and or bananas. We are all unique in how much sleep, food, exercise, work, people and play we need to feel balanced. When we know personally what makes us tick or triggered we can make better choices to thrive in our day.


Progress not perfection

We humans are sometimes complicated! We use mindfulness practices to skilfully reflect, release and or refine our complex nature. It's an ongoing process that requires practice, practice, day in and day out. 


Seek wholeness over happiness 

We love happiness but we also know that sometimes shit happens...you get sick, lose your job or relationship. L + M is about learning to be open to the totality of life experiences. This attitude of wholeness helps us navigate dramatic change with greater grace and fortitude. We give our difficult feelings room to breath, so we can understand and eventual transform them into fuel for growth.


Connection is everything

We believe connection is the keystone to everything. It improves our mind, body, emotional, spiritual health. It is the bedrock for robust, authentic relationships in love and business and could also be the solution to saving the planet. 


Change to learn to grow

The one law that governs the entire universe is that life is always changing. This can be a gift or a curse depending on your relationship to change and the circumstances. As it is an inevitable part of life, we figure understanding and allowing this flow is essential to grow in strength. It is also the keystone to shifting negative habits and beliefs.


Daily self care rituals are not a luxury

Mental health, suicide, addiction are all on the rise. Our modern age is biologically overstimulating, fast and competitive. To meet and thrive in this we age must find ways to calm and develop our inner resources for improved resilience. Yoga and meditation are portable life skills to adopt easily into your day to reset.