Step 1 - Attend a Free Introduction Talk 

The Intro Talk on Vedic Meditation is OPEN to ANYONE curious or interested in learning more about the practice. It covers details such as how the technique works, the benefits, science and structure of the course. These sessions are approximately 45 - 60min long and are free of charge and obligation, FRIENDS and FAMILY are WELCOME!

To register for our next intro talk please fill in the contact form with your preferred date.

Thursday 8th December 7:45pm @ Bondi Beach


 Step 2 - Course of Instruction

The course is conducted over 3 consecutive days for around 1.5 hours. It's designed to make you an independent and confident meditator once completed. This meditation is portable so you will be able to practice at home, in the office or on a plane comfortably. 

SESSION 1 - The first session is 1 hour and done one to one. You will be given your personalised mantra and receive the essential mechanics of the technique to take home and practice. 

SESSIONS 2,3,4 - The following three sessions are 1.5 hours and will develop a theoretical understanding of the technique, covering topics such as, the nature of the mind and body, stress, thoughts and the exponential benefits that arise from regular practice. There is also practical experience of meditation to refine the subtleties and verify your experience, ensuring you feel competent to integrate the technique into your daily life.


Step 3 - Follow Up and Group Meditations

Regular group meditations are offered as follow up after the course to all Vedic meditators. These relaxing group sessions are designed to fine tune and expand on the experience of diving in. Lis is also available to answer any questions in regard to practice and its application in daily life.

Private courses are available upon request



Learning to meditate is a powerful and invaluable tool to move through life with less stress and greater clarity. This course will provide you with a lifetime skill to access your inner peace naturally and systematically.

The course fee is a one-time payment that includes;
- 4 day course of instruction
- Life time access to weekly group meditations
- Ability to take the course again for free (as a refresher)

 Course Investment $800
Full time students (or age 16-25) $550
Private Course Investment $1500
Private Course (taught in your own home/work) $2000 

People experiencing financial difficulty can contact Lis to discuss payment plans other options.