mindfulness Course



Mindfulness is a way of meeting life fully awake, clear and connected. It is the foundation for growing self awareness, attention and focus. It is the cornerstone for effective stress reduction, innovation and productivity.

We understand that to truely transform old ways of stress and thinking, mindfulness is essential. Our mindfulness strategies and skills are easy to apply throughout the workday to keep stress at bay, your mind focused and agile. Each session is influenced by positive psychology, neuroscience and includes a mindfulness practice. These workshops can be hosted over six weeks or individually. 


Session 1 - Stress Less

Chronic stress clutters our mental ability to think long term, collaboratively or creatively. This inner friction can spread out into the workplace affecting moral and focus. Learn mindfulness techniques to reduce stress, boost your cognitive capacity to stay on your game and meet your goals with greater ease.


Session 2 - Creativity

Creativity is not only for artists and musicians. Our ability to problem solve, be open to change and relish the unfamiliar are at the heart of having ingenuity. Mindfulness techniques can fine tune and develop these qualities to create a state of mind for creativity to flow more freely in week two.


Session 3 - Calm

Calm is our focus for week three. Calmly monitoring your emotions is a life long talent that never gets old. To recognise your own emotions, and manage and adapt them based on the surrounding people and environment is the foundation for emotional intelligence (EI). This kind of calm allows you to meet demands interactively rather than reactively. 


Session 4 - Purpose

Purpose is at at the core of motivating individuals to be at their best, to push boundaries and inspire others along the way. This mindfulness session will be about connecting you to your personal purpose, with enthusiasm and ambition.


Session 5 - Connection

As humans we need, desire and seek connection. Our communication (verbal and non verbal) is the keystone to fulfilling this essential need. Mindful listening and empathy is how we productively engage people. This kind of communication is at the core of high impact leadership.


Session 6 - Thrive

Thrive is a mindset. An attitude of optimising your body & mind health to sustainably feel and be your best. This final session will be an exploration of how to achieve this vital state from the perspective of mindfulness, gut health, movement, gratitude and rest.