About: Live Your Presence, Power & Purpose

When: 20th April Friday 6:15pm - 9pm & 21st April Saturday 11am - 3pm

Location: Yogatime Studio - 290 Bondi Rd, Bondi

Investment: $120

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This immersion will transform your yoga and enhance your mediation skills to live with presence, power and a renewed sense of purpose. These three pillars will be our focus as we explore what awakens them in our day and what depletes them. This will be a holistic approach, using the chakra system to live wholeheartedly and empowered in this modern age of demand and distraction.


talks & tools include

  • Three meditation practices to embody presence, power and purpose
  • Talks on the yogic philosophy of presence, power & purpose
  • Twice daily yoga detox flow & nidra
  • Science of breathing & bandhas
  • Self reflection & sharing


want to join?

This weekend immersion is open to all levels of experience. A beginners mind & willingness to reflect & share is all that's recommended. The Saturday will have a half hour lunch break.