This course is designed for beginners with a busy modern mind. The Calm technique is natural, easy to learn and incredibly restorative for the mind and body. This course will empower you with knowledge and skills to effectively meditate, reduce stress & live your calm.


  • Learn Calm Meditation as a daily skill
  • Meditation history, defined & demystified 
  • The science and psychology of stress 
  • Manage thoughts aka monkey mind
  • Best practices, when, what & how
  • Learn balancing breath
  • Q&A



  • Self regulate, establish calm on demand
  • Learn how to respond rather than react
  • Reduce stress
  • Calm workplace



  • 3 x 1hr sessions
  • Half day workshop



  • This technique is portable and once learnt it doesn't require any devices, music or apps. 

  • No funny pretzel position required. Sitting comfortably with your back supported is A ok.

  • This is a universal and non secular technique that is well known for its stress busting benefits.

“Being a coach in the corporate world I can appreciate the huge value of techniques that reduce stress and support emotional intelligence. I’m excited to incorporate L - M into our wellness training as an effective program to support a happy and productive workplace culture.”
— Molly Roche - Director of UNTHINK