YOGA is a Sanskrit word derived from the word Yoke, or to UNITE.

Yoga unites our attention to the body using postures and breath. The postures develop our physical strength, flexibility and balance. The breath is used to restore clarity and calm. 



Vinyasa also known as 'specialised flow' yoga is popular for its smooth fluid sequences and synchronised breathing techniques.

The many benefits of this dynamic style include increased strength and circulation in the body. This can improve poor posture and breathing to encourage detoxification and alleviate issues related to stress.


Yin Yoga is renowned for its still, softening more contemplative approach to yoga. Postures are held for an extended period of time to stimulate deep connective tissue; fascia, ligaments and joints. 

Yin is a profound way to settle a busy, fast mind, it's great for athletes to enhance flexibility for rehabilitation and renew vitality.