Lis is the kind of teacher that makes people feel at home and engaged. She is highly skilled and passionate in shifting clients from habitual stress to renewed ease and clarity.

Lis believes the quality and capacity to live aligned to our purpose, think creatively, feel balanced and productive is determined by our inner state. She has dedicated the last decade to teaching and researching this personal and professional growth from within, merging modern research on Psychology and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with wisdom traditions such as Mindfulness and Yoga.

Her insightful and fun approach to living wellness has been successfully lead in organisations such as MTV, Zurich and Corporate Travel. Alongside this she hosts sold out global yoga retreats and regular meditation and yoga workshops for both busy mums and CEOs alike.

Lis is a lifelong student of Yoga and Meditation and has been a dedicated teacher since 2010. She created The Uma Collective as a resource to support balance, purposeful living and clarity to see anew. She offers a broad collection of wellness tools and tips, thoughtful blogs and quotes to elevate your mind and body.