about corporate WELLbeing?


We understand modern life can be fast, competitive and demanding. This constant pressure can stifle and stress out the best of us. Mental health come at a huge cost, not only to individuals and their loved ones but businesses as well. The cost incurred when employers did not take action to manage health according to was estimated to cost $10.9 billion/year, according to The Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance Report. 

The good news is research by New Economics Foundation (NEF, 2015) has found wellbeing programs at work to be an effective solution to managing this modern day epidemic.

“The evidence shows that people who achieve good standard of wellbeing at work are likely to be more creative, more loyal and more productive”
— New Economics Foundation (NEF, 2015)


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Our wellbeing programs were born to meet these issues in the workplace. Our workshops utilise evidence-based techniques to reduce stress, optimise the brain for creativity & productivity.

We are always happy to tailor these sessions to your organisations event or vision. Otherwise check out our most popular programs;


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