We understand modern life can be fast, competitive and highly demanding. This constant pressure can stifle and stress out the best of us.

Mental health conditions come at a huge cost, not only to individuals and their loved ones but businesses as well. A recent report on Mental Health by PrincewaterhouseCoopers looked at the cost incurred when employers did not take action to manage mental health conditions in their workplace.

• Estimated cost to Australian business – $10.9 billion per year

Barefoot Wellness was born to meet theses issues of stress reduction and performance. We have thoughtfully crafted fitness programs for the mind and body that utilise evidence-based techniques to reduce stress, optimise the brain for creativity & productivity. We offer 3 core programs

1. Calm - Meditation

    2. Engage - Yoga & Mindfulness

3. Grow - Mindfulness & Performance Workshop

We are experts in the field of wellness and would also be happy to chat about tailoring a workshop aligned to your organisations vision. Say hello here.


Leading organisations who are benefit from Barefoot Wellness:

Discover how to enhance calm and focus in your workplace